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  • Circuit and system...

    Circuit and system simulation:

    For the design of the electrical circuit, or analog or digital, electrical engineers should be able to predict the voltage and current in all parts of the system.             

    The company's engineers use simulation software to various circuits discussed, the software used in the field of simulation and test electronic circuits, that the circuit to be tested and after a possible bug fixes for that, PCB design.                

    Use of the software is:

    •         To help engineers design more accurate and perfect.
    •         Having all the elements of actual measurements, such as oscilloscope, function generator, voltmeter, ampmeter and so on.
    •         Save time and costs.
    •         Reduce errors.
    •         Ability to debugging plan and implement it in the microcontroller line.


  • Design and simulation...

     Design and simulation of Nano systems:

    In many cases, the available laboratory tools to do some experiments at the nanometer scale are not suitable or that these tests are very expensive. In this case used a computer to simulate the processes and interactions of atoms and molecules.                                                                                                                

    The company also uses modern software in the field of nanotechnology, to design and simulation systems.                                                                                           

    Design and simulation examples of the company in the field of nanotechnology as follows:

    •         Design and simulation of nanostructures such as nanowires, nanotubes, graphene and so on.
    •         Design and simulation of Nano-transistors.

    Sample images of work by the software used is shown below.

  • Designing and...

    Designing and manufacturing of Schema unit:

    After the circuit schematic design and the manufacture of printed circuit and assemble the pieces the on-board, then will be design and manufacture body and monitor device performance.

    This is one of the crucial steps more practical devices must be designed in such a way that the user can interact with it easily as possible and take advantage of almost all of the capabilities of the device.

    The company's has ability to design metal, aluminum, plastic boxes, etc depending on the circuit.

    The items that in design and construction of device must be considered in

    as follows:

    •         Designed box proportional to size of the pieces
    •         Designed to fit with the consumer
    •         Designed to be simple and without a lot of complexity
    •         Use the box or resistant exponential to unexpected risks

    You can see the examples of devices made by this company as fallowing.




  • Design and simulation...

    Design and simulation of microelectronic systems:

    For design and simulation microelectronic systems are used software that simulate in dimensions of micro.                                                                         

    The company's engineers with using different software to simulate various circuits, that use software's in the field of simulated and test electronic circuits,   and can be tested the circuit and after correcting possible bugs, designed the PCB.                                                                                                                       

    Reasons for use of software:

    •         Microcontroller circuit simulation on a very professional level.
    •         Ability to debugging applications and run them in microcontroller line.
    •         To help engineers design more effective.
    •         Save time and money.
    •         Reduce Errors.


  • Design and simulation...

    Design and simulation of optoelectronic systems:

    The other design of this company's is designing circuit in field of optoelectronic. In optical field discussed about design of integrated circuits, optics, photonics, optical communication field orientation, microwave and optical orientation and so on.                                                                                                                         

    The company is also using the new software, for design and simulation of    optical connections in the transport layer in the modern optical network. Sample design and simulations in the field of optoelectronics by the company is as follows:

    •         Analysis and modeling of light and optical network.
    •         Design and simulation of advanced passive components and nonlinear. photonics.            
    •         Design of integrated optical waveguides.
    •         Simulation of light on stage to the stage waveguides.

    In this case study is performed by using a variety of software that can be used on the simulator software like Comsol, Lumerical and so on, the picture below you can see it.

  • PCB design and...

    PCB design and manufacturing:                                            

    After the schematic design engineers to design and build electronic circuits and their PCB (printed circuit board).

    PCB includes a set of electrical circuits and can be a way (a copper layer), bilateral (two-layer copper) or even several layers, so that the electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, ICs and so on assembly and for use in electronic equipment used.

    Raw material forming the boards of different materials such as glass, Rogers, Teflon, etc. Flexi Bell made with a thickness of 0.2 to 3.2 mm are available.       

    Printed circuit boards used in electronic products, even the most simple. Other PCBs include of wire wrap and construction point-to-point.                                    

    PCB requires additional design for the circuit, but manufacturing and assembly can be automated. Making circuits with PCBs than other methods of wiring and wiring components are mounted as a unit, cheaper and faster. In addition, the operator wiring errors are eliminated.                                                                     

    The following points are important in the design of printed circuit boards, which are each designed to try to follow up these points.

    •         Size of board with box sizes and dimensions required to be match.
    •         Input and output locations are in areas where access is easily.
    •         The Components that maybe to warm, should place that where simple to cool.
    •         In design of telecom circuits calculate the length of the copper and thickness and distance they must also be such that unwanted noise in the system is not applied.
    •         The power circuits such as inverters, the copper routes in such a way that there is maximum flow rate.
    •         Examples of printed circuit boards designed and built by the company:



  • Schematic design

    Schematic design:

    The process of designing an electronic system consists of different parts of the analog and digital with the help simulation software for a person or a schematic design engineering team is called schematic design.

    The process of the initial stages of designing electronic systems and are crucial

    So a lot of time is spent at this stage of the system design.

    •         Provides technical proposals according to client requests
    •         schematic design circuit application on paper
    •         Calculate exact values of circuit components according to specifications and operating conditions
    •         Run the simulation to validate the design
    •         Prepare and build breadboard orbit using other preparation methods, test samples for the test circuit specified conditions
    •         Programming the IC as needed
    •         Implementation of any reforms designed to improve the design
    •         Select suitable construction methods, required parts and materials correctly
    •         Design and preparation of printed circuit map with regard to the need to consider all of the mechanical Client
    •         The final sample test circuit to ensure proper operation of the circuit
    •         Making the the final sample
  • Sensors design

    Sensors design:

    Sensor is an element that sensing physical quantities such as pressure, temperature, humidity, temperature ,etc and converts continuous electrical quantity (analog) to discontinuous (digital). In fact, the sensor measure physical or chemical changes and coverts to the electrical signal. 

    Sensors in a variety of measuring devices, analog and digital control systems such as PLC and other systems are used. Sensor performance and the ability to connect to different devices has caused the sensor element integral part of the control devices and robotics. Sensors sent different information from the moving parts of the system to the control unit and causes to change the performance of the devices.                                                                                                    Recent advances in the field of electronics and wireless communications capability to design  and manufacture sensors with low power consumption, small size, reasonable price and has various applications. These small sensors have ability to perform actions such as environmental information based on the type of sensor, processing and sending that information.                                                      

    Shahrooz Electronic Research Company using with executive facilities and also utilizes the components available in the market to design and build modules for hybrid sensors for the detection of various factors, such as gas leaks, earthquakes, breaking glass wall opening (for safety purposes ) and from the hand dealt.

    Gas sensors simultaneously detect many different gases. These have sensors for detecting toxic gases and dangerous places is important as petroleum and petrochemical companies, etc. It is also very useful sensor earthquake in the sensor can be used in many important earthquake-prone areas. An important feature of the sensor announced after the earthquake cut off the gas and the electricity is cut off after a few seconds that can reduce risks further.                          


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