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  • Robotics training...

    Robotics training package for teenagers:

    Ingeneral it can be said robotics made of the three branches computer, electronic and mechanic.                                  

    Robot is an electromechanical machine, depending on specific conditions defined task to do and in many cases based on a predetermined program decide.             

    The alphabet of training robotic is in mechanical robot that in new package this company trained the mechanics of 4 robot including control robot,Maze-solving robot,Robot router without program,Robot router with program In addition to this, students can build robots with another shape.                                                     

    For teenagers this collection is defined in several season in first season Students with mechanical parts (depending on package type), second season with elements of electronic components, their applications in electronics and how to put the elements on the board and how to solder board will be introduce.                        

    The benefits and features of this training package for teenagers are as follows:

    •         Memory Improvement
    •         Increased focus
    •         Creativity
    •         Build a robot increases strength analysis of student and specialized courses such as mathematics and physics have much help because this training package, teach how to build robot step by step to students.


  • Tutorial pamphlet for...

    Tutorial pamphlet for installing and triggering solar system:

    Doing things like design, calculation and execution of a solar power system the effectiveness of it is critical. In design, things such as consumption, type of consumer and the operating voltage, the time that device is on, active and reactive power as well as things like the type of wiring, choose the communication cable, strong and good connections and close the system completely tips are who otherwise would not have a good response and the system sometimes loses its efficiency.

     Experts of the company have tried to rely on their experience to develop an educational pamphlet that all these things are the simplest and most eloquent language which is writing to all those interested in activity in the field to help great.


  • Optic topics training...

    Optic topics training pack:

    Light, consists of packets of energy that called photons Understanding the function of the behavior of particles dates back thousands of years.                     

    Understanding the behavior of light, extensive testing has been done to us is a great help in identifying the behavior of light In this regard, and to help those interested in the field of light optical test package has been prepared by Shahrooz Electronic Research Company.                                                                                     

    The package includes various optical tests that some of them are on the list.

    1. Neil Young test set

            2. Charter

            3. Light decomposition

           4. The combination of light

  • Basic topic of electronic

    Basic topic of electronic:

    Electronic is a study of the electricity flowing through different materials, such as semiconductors, resistors, inductors and capacitors and their works. Electronics as well as a branch of theoretical physics knownDesign and construction of electronic circuits of the most important and the most practical topics in science, electronic engineering that recently work in this important field is less obvious.                                                                                                          

    In some cases, the new elements of semiconductor and technologies close to it, is considered a branch of physics.                                                                              

    Electronic circuits used to play different roles. The main uses of electronic circuits are:                                                                                                             

    1. Control and data processing

            2. Conversion and distribution of electric power

            3. Special operations

    The book developed by the company step by step from beginner level to advanced electrical engineering and electronics base to explain the concepts and topics discussed. How to write this book in a way that is beneficial for conservatory students and electronic technician.




  • Robotics training...

    Robotics training package for kids:

    Efforts of today's society, learn children at an early age due to the remoteness of the public anxiety and concern, in upper level so familiar to the children with science day, the company's hold robotics training global design as some developed and developing country. All necessary components are available for children which can be used in the visual training package to build a simple robot and also the ability to build the SpongeBob robot and the robot controller given the diversity of structures and the use of imagination child's mind and creativity the child can design other forms.                                                                             

    Robotics training for children and students in age of 4 to 10 years include of theoretical and practical training withShahrooz company educational packages that different for various levels of age.                                                                      

    One of the benefits of package of this company as compared to other similar products creating robot is step by step and specialized to child that the same products tools are ready to offer and the children only connects them.                        

    The benefits and features of this package are as follows:

    •         Increase children's creativity.
    •         Increased confidence of children.
    •         Memory Improvement.
    •         Good price.
  • Basic topics of robotics

    Basic topics of robotics:

    Robotics is the science of designing and building robots. One of the engineering sciences in which to design, manufacture and performance of the robot. In this book that prepper by this company you can learn introductory level with this new knowledge and the tools and facilities needed to build and design an intelligent robot and robot types and causes of human needs to robots will be notified.             

    In this book at first discussed about concepts and basic definitions and concepts of electronics and mechanical parts, computer programming robot.The contents of this book is written at a level that is useful for high school students and electronic technician.                                                                                                    

    The purpose of this book is the following:

    •         Preparation for creativity
    •         Innovation and  find latent talents of students
    •         Familiarity with general concepts  dynamic mechanics and electronics
    •         Design and build robots


  • RPM (round per minute)...

    RPM (round per minute) motor controller:

    Today, in all manufacturing industries in the world one of the most functional devices or in the other hand electrical components is speed control drivers and RPM(round per minute).With the advances in manufacturing automation systems to control the position and velocity of the most basic needs. In the past, electrical engineers believed that the remote control is not easy, so used more DC motors to control the speed and location. They are very high maintenance costs, with the emergence of asynchronous AC drives slowly in most cases, these engines were replaced with DC motors. Because they are relatively low maintenance costs.                                                                                                                        

    We can find the manufacturing and industrial factories in which Motors period of control is not used. In the remote control electric motors has been developed by the company is well on the content of the control engine speeds DC, AC and asynchronous have been proposed.Since the beginning of this book it's been tried, the reader with all issues related to electric motors and Training Control PWM and control the speed and several motor power has introduce smart and provide exercise solving samples.                                                                                                

     Electrical engineers are familiar with this book to gain control of the electric motors.                                                                                                                    

    In this book were also discussed about the controller of rounds, electronic circuits inside the remote controller, the relationship between torque and speed control space, electrical circuits inside the controller and etc.                                            

    In AC and DC motors operating the motor that moves the effective voltage, so the impact on the speed of the engine should work on effective voltage parameter. One of the best ways both in terms of performance and in terms of ability to control the use of flexible PWM technique, which utilizes the system turns the engine.