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  • HMTR transceiver

    HMTR transceiver:

    For wireless communication transceiver circuits must be used for this purpose, we use the HMT transmitter and HMR receiver. This transceiver can be up to, of course, depends on the position of their work as well. Information serially to the sender and taken from the receiver.                                                                        

    The design and construction of the transceiver using two micro-wireless modules HMT and HMR has developed a micro as transmitter sends data to a micro receiver and micro-receiver shows data on the LCD monitor.                                       

    HMTR can also use the same system on the two-way communication, and using the keyboard and monitors achieved a system with high reliability and confidentiality.                                                                                                             

    The system characteristics:

    •         The range of the system is adjustable for different distances
    •         The power output of the system is high
    •         Very safe


  • Satellite oceanography

    Satellite oceanography:

    Weather satellites will help to experts and other researchers to study atmospheric and ocean on weather maps and forecast weather conditions.

    These satellites are properties of clouds, temperature, air pressure, rainfall and atmospheric chemical composition is measured. A satellite in terms of connection can be at the same time covering thousands of phone calls and several television networks program.

    These satellites are often at high altitude, over a station placed in ground and a there is a ground station equipped with an antenna for receiving and transmitting signals.

    Antenna, satellite, designed and built by the company appropriate signal type and frequency of the information in mobile Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite-based oceanographic atmosphere, and there are a lot of mobile satellite ground level (500,000 km) to get a good picture. The antenna use second type, and is a rotation helical antenna. According to tests carried out helical antenna is much stronger works in absorption frequency. The operation of antenna in absorption look like a ball-shaped. As a result, no matter what point of the satellite in its orbit is passing from the ground station.

    The appearance of antenna as physically is two-loop-helix nested in a specific area away intertwined.

    The advantages of this device:

    •         Use special antenna to receive data and does not require the use of dish as an antenna.
    •         Fully automated system activity.
    •         No mechanical structure.
    •         Design in both fixed and portable.
    •         More than 20 image processing, the information in each period.
    •         Ability to service and repair in 100% native country because of all the equipment and designs.
    •         Economically is affordable.
    •         Ability to use the system without having to set-up directions.
    •         Ability to use for ships and like it.
  • 120Channel remote...

    120 Channel remote transceiver:

    This type of transceiver system used to industrial systems control.                       

    This remote control is a completely separate 100 channel and a safety manual coding and there is also the ability to change codes and flip-flops and a moment connection.                                                                                                                  

    For specific tasks, such as arms control, industrial control and other industrial robots designed and built by the company.                                                                

    The characteristics of this system are as follows:

    •         No frequency interference.
    •         No need for initial configuration.(with each linked automatically)
    •         Maximum useful range for the module 1000 meter.
    •         Highly affordable and high quality.
    •         Resistant to all kinds of noise.
    •         The power output of 2 watts.


  • Telephone dialer device

    Telephone dialer device:

    The device has ability to connect all types of theft alarm panels, fire alarm, door alarm, in case of a problem, or need utilizes the phone line and it possible in some place the phone line is cut and also places suburb which is not prepared to communicate via a telephone line can be used from the telephone dialer device with the use of mobile SIM card.                                                                               

    In fact, this phone has the capability to connect to a telephone line and mobile. Also telephone dialer devicewith mobile supports any mobile network, this telephone dialer embedded a jack to connect an antenna for more reception, as if in where coverage was low SIM card, this problem will be solved this way.         

    When stimulation device designed to be able to send a short message and voice calls and play recorded messages.                                                                                   

    The specifications and features of this system are as follows:                                      

    •         On and off the alarm of places and appliances via SMS
    •         short messages according to the type of stimulation (short message text can be changed)
    •         Ability to remotely recharge prepaid SIM cards
    •         Ability to control remote SIM card charge
    •         Ability to send and receive SMS Persian
    •         Calls, send and receive SMS from the SIM card
    •         Clean the phone number memory device using SMS
    •         Ability to enable and disable the firewall alarm by SMS
    •         Ability to enable and disable the device with a SIM card phone number
    •         Has the system date and time
    •         Send all results to ADMIN device operation
    •         Memory has 20 telephones and 30 seconds recording message
    •         Ability to stop the dial at the time of stimulation                                      
  • 2and 8 channel remote...

    2 and 4 channel remote transceiver:

    The transceiver used for to send commands performance various devices.Devices designed by the company for manual and automatic coding and the purpose of this code for increased security, and is unique.                                                          

    Using this system the command can turn on, stop, turn off, playback, etc wirelessly send and receive at different distances.                                                        

       The characteristics of this device:                                                                         

    •         Transceiver command 2, 10,4 and 20 channels
    •         Send and receive control commands ON / OFF
    •         The operating frequency of 433 MHz
    •         Relays output voltage and current monitors and unlimited
    •         RF transmitter power output of 150 milliWatt to 4 Watts
    •         High-sensitivity receiver
    •         300mA operating current, standby current of 30 mA at receiver
    •         Supply voltage: 12 V
    •         The practical range of the system is 15 m, 150 m, 300 Meter and 1 km

    This type of system can be used to control a variety of home electrical appliances, alarm, robots and other electronic devices may be used.                                            

  • 48to 220 volt inverter

    48 to 220 volt inverter:

    Power inverter or converter, is an electronic devices that converts the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Because the constant 48 volts DC power BTS Telecommunication rooms are always available and cooling systems work with 220V AC. The system designed by the company to set up in accordance with this important room fans BTS contacts or other applications can be used.            

    This inverter on 2 types:

    1-Full Sine: sine inverters for telecommunication systems, etc.

    2-Quasi Sine: sine inverter like to use cooling systems such as fans, etc.   

    The characteristics of this type of inverter are as follows:

    • This inverter is completely resistant to noise.
    • Requires no additional voltage of 48 V with the same works.
    • Input and output protection circuits with very good quality.
    • Ability to build and to operate the fan at a number of different power.              


  • PLCC (Power Line...

    PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication):

    For the transmission of information and communication from one side to the other used depending on the different needs of different communication technologies. One of these technologies is PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication).              

    PLCC is a device for voice communication via the power lines. This means that messages can be sent using power lines users connect the device to the power supply switch for connection on the device, and each of the switches for the various units by holding the switch the user can communicate with the point.          

    Features and characteristics of the device:

    •         It is useful for locations that not possible to communicate via phone line.
    •          Connections to several different places at the same time.
    •         It requires no wiring, so price decreases.
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