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  • Rebar device

    Rebar device:

    The use of rebar and stirrups in the skeleton building an integral part in the construction materials. Steel used in the building were shaped manually is very time consuming and also costly.                                                                                                                      

    This device is suitable for mass producers, dam projects and so on in high volume and with high precision and without waste unknown stirrups required reinforcement and concrete things in less time to produce.It also inadequate to invest and produce in bulk and supplied to construction companies in the construction and building facilities to its small scale, it is suitable as a good investment and you can count on this device.                                                             

    Rebar devices produced by this company are fully automatic and operated by a user that simply monitor and control the device will be necessary.                         

    Advantages of Rebar Device:

                       I.            Rebar production in the form of squares, rectangles and triangles, with any required size.

                      II.            Cut Carefully along with a millimeter tolerances and precision bending angle with a degree of                                         tolerance.

                     III.            Using minimal human resources and thus reducing the cost and production time.

                     IV.            Adjustable speed and traction bars manually or touch panels.

                      V.             The devices using analog circuits, all without error and high speed can be up to 12 rebar in a                                             minutes individually and 24 rebar to double production.

                     VI.            Rebar production capacity of 5 to 20 millimeter rebar sizes.

                     VII.            Capable of producing rebar or branch for skeins.


  • Automatic garden door


    Automatic garden door:

    Automatic garden door is one of the most important tools that opener due to fabulous development and continuous technology into our lives. If you take a look around you can see, almost all the houses use of automatic opener door.

    An automatic opener is just a smart device that makes it possible for you to open the door without having to touch it. As you're sitting in your car by pressing a button you enter the building instead of being let out of the car and opened the door and then park the car close the door again.

    Various types of opener door, along with the features, functions and different facilities are depending on the condition and electric doors designed by the company are with pneumatic arms.

    Hydraulic or pneumatic in Greek means wind or breath, but in the IT and industry today means the use of compressed air for energy transfer.

    Thus, the air is compressed by a compressor and is used pneumatic system. The benefits and multiple properties, such as high efficiency, controllability, easy maintenance, and so on caused is widespread in industry today.

    The advantages of automatic garden door that built by the company are as follows:

    •         Lock up to 10 cm into the ground.
    •         In case of electricity went out, up to 10 times the door is opened and closed.
    •         Simple door is neutral.
    •         Stop the door if there is an obstacle.
    •         Due to the lack of wiring for the arms that are attached to the door, there is the danger of electric shock.
    •         All components of the door is totally domestic.
  • Stepper motor controller

    Stepper motor controller:

    Stepper motor, is a motor that in order to get used adjust the angle to zero.

    Stepper motors built-in different power and various dimensions and can be used in systems such as printers, CNC devices, bending machine tools, cranes and similar applications.

    To keep the stepper motor at the desired angle, there is a need to control generator circuit is designed by the company has the following functionality.

    Benefits and stepper motor applications:

    •         Start with the keypad and the joystick.
    •         Ability to design for any type of stepper motor.
    •         Very low power consumption circuit.
    •         Application: Control the angle of bending the bending machine, control the angle and speed of rotation of the crane.



  • Ultrasonic distance...

    Ultrasonic distance meter device:

    Today, with astonishing growth and technical knowledge of human and according to the needs of the automotive industry and robotic, built systems ultrasonic distance meter can be solutions for many of today's problems of mankind.           

    The project is a system Ultrasonic Distance Meter (ultrasound), the main purpose of its use in the automotive industry to measure the distance to obstacles when moving toward the rear the vehicle and park the vehicle.

    Operation of device:

    The aim of this project is the construction of a distance measuring device that uses ultrasonic sensors done.                                                                                  

    Transmitter sends 40kHz ultrasonic waves that this waves after a collision with an object is received by the sensor receiver and In the form hardware, reinforced and obtains frequency and distance calculations.                                                   

    This system can recognize obstacles up to a distance up to 6 meters. The system is used in various industries and when there is a possibility of collision with an obstacle to the alarm system and the user is notified of this event.                                

    Features of this system:

    •         Distance measurement device with an accuracy of one centimeter and a minimum distance of 7 centimeter and a maximum of 6 meters are designed to measure.    
    •         The system is designed such that the change does not affect temperature measurement device.                    
    •         Ability to display on the LCD screen.
    •         Ability to set alarms of distance.





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