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  • Bee awakener

    Bee awakener:

    Bee in producing one-third of human food is involved. And this does not mean that honey is one-third of human food, but it must be said that bees play an important role in plant fertilization, and if not bee may be that in many cases could not plant fertility. When a bee sitting on a flower, pollen from the male flower parts (the flag) takes with him when he goes to another flower, the pollen grains and plant female organs (ovaries) is fertile, if not bees, the Plant production is severely reduced.                                                                                                      

    Gardeners and farmers are well aware of the role of bees in plant fertilization and increase agricultural production and so are looking for an activity to produce more honey to bees.                                                                                                     

    Operation of device: 

    Devices designed by the company's operating frequency that is bees informed from growing flowers and the season of production honey the flowers are ready for pollination nectar and the bees start to work in about two weeks to prepare hives to produce honey.

    This time can be enjoying the frequency generated device by production the Shahrooz Electronic Research Company to minimize. 

  • Collecting royal jelly...

    Collecting royal jelly from bees:

    Royal jelly is a food substance produced by honey bees and larvae usually feed in the first three days of life of royal jelly, but this diet varies from the fourth day and instead it is a mixture of honey and pollen, and only queen fed royal jelly for life.                                                                                                                              

    Royal jelly is a valuable nutrient and a drug that is effective in the treatment of disabilities and diseases such as reducing blood fat, regulate hormones, help to promote healing, fertility and impotence, help bone development, growth, Widgets, difficulty removing veins, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, increase the body's resistance against infection and prevent premature aging is very effective.

    Performance collection systems royal jelly from bees:

    Given the importance, value and properties of royal jelly for human beings, the company has been designing and manufacturing a device for collecting the gel. At first a hand-made beehives and number of holes in the hive is create a bigger hole to place the transmitting device. Transmitter with a shock that causes the bees imagine in that hole queen id there and royal jelly to feed larvae and queen where drain. And at the end of the suites (with wooden or metal spoon or with a suction device or syringes) can be obtained gel.                                                       

  • Bee venom collector

    Bee venom collector:

    One of the valuable bee products as a strategic product can be named, is bee venom, according to the drug product for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis and needs of human societies and many other diseases, different ways in the world to produce bee venom has been provided with proper techniques without damage to bee colonies to produce devices for their venom.                      

    Operation of device:                                                                                                

    Devices designed by the company consist of two sections a shock and the device's venom screen by taking voltage and frequency and appropriate frequency waveforms and easy usage for the beekeeper with poison-making that the design and construction, is the least adverse effects on bee colonies.                                     

    The characteristics of the device:    

    •         Built device easy to use and can be connected to a 12-volt battery and power the city.
    •         The number of bee venom will not harm the bees themselves.
    •         Ability to add solar panels to charge the device.
    •         Ability to add warning system devices.
    •         Lightweight device allows easy transportation.(1 kg)
    •         Compatible with all types of weather conditions.                             
  • Insects excretion device

    Insects excretion device:

    The device based on ultrasonic wave automatic and intelligent ultrasound waves and generated the frequency range between 20 KHZ to 27 KHZ and 130 dB sound intensity. They are automatic, intelligent and steps in the frequency range above will change. This change of output sound causes auditory and neurological systems of animals system and the nervous animals not compatible with the sound produced.

    This device is essentially designed to evade the types of mice, cockroaches and other insects and vermin on the course is designed to be effective.

    The device can be used at home, villas, stores, warehouses, offices, shops, commercial premises, hotels, restaurants, Confectionery, factories and industrial sites, factories producing food, pharmaceutical and industrial kitchens, Places General, the military and any other indoor.

    After scintillation device you will notice a small red LED base of device which indicates the device is working properly

    The characteristics of the device:

    •         No need to use poison and pollution or traditional practices such as glue and mouse traps.
    •         Low power consumption - beauty devices.
    •         Affordable costs and no need to repeat expensive.
    •         The escape of vermin and animals without harming them.
    •         No need to poison and kill harmful animals and prevent environmental pollution, toxic and insidious stench of decomposed bodies of animals.
    •         Without causing a negative impact on pets or residents.
    •         No interference with other electrical or electronic equipment or create a negative impact on human health.
    •         2 year warranty repair.
  • Bird excretion device

    Bird excretion device:                                                                                            

    Birds sometimes cause irreparable harm and even loss of habitat, farms and gardens, are production lines and airports. A bird can cripple giant aircraft or millions of Tomeans harm to a farmer or gardener.                                                  

    To avoid the above, the bird excretion device designed by the company that device with of research on birds with scientific method of frequencies adjustable and variable to flee the birds of the desired location, and variable frequency because the birds do not get used to the frequency.                                                   

    The characteristics of the device: 

    •         Application: Industrial, Agricultural, airports, urban.
    •         Coverage Area: 1,000 to 5,000 square meters.
    •         Frequency range: from 5 to 65 khz.
    •         The outdoor installation and closed.
    •         2-state power during a power outage, use battery.
    •         The device is used in accordance with the environment also have the ability to add speakers.
    •         Ability to set up a municipal electricity and solar power.                                            
  • Limited circuit...

    Limited circuit piscicuhture (salmon fish):

    In order to meet the needs of a growing world population, increasing need for food. Dietary needs can be provided through a variety of crops and livestock production and agricultural land prone and extraction fish of the seas and ocean are named.                                                                                                                       

    Considering that agricultural land cannot be developed and harvesting of the sea's fish stocks are limited, so a new solution that could be provided through aquaculture is part of the human food needs.                                                                                    

    This highlights its importance to know when fish growing over 80% of the water consumed in the agricultural sector.                                                                             

    The overall goal in a limited circuit piscicuhture, water reuse and increasing the density of breeding fish in ponds. According to calculations by rehabilitating water and create suitable living conditions in high density pools can reduce the water consumption of a seventieth which, create change in the development of  farms  that has a brief water and land.                                                                           

    For example, in a salmon breeding farm with a capacity of 50 tons of fresh water needed 500 liters per second and pool area as well as 50 thousand square meters. But in a circulating water system with a water capacity of 7 liters per second and pool area up to 250 square meters is reduced.                                                                              

    Performance of limited circuit piscicuhture (salmon fish):

    Performance of limited circuit piscicuhture is based on the flow of water in pools and restoration of the oxygen it needs, waste removal, elimination of toxic substances, pH adjustment and the disinfection.                                                     

    Control of each of the factors listed and create healthy conditions for the use of automated measurement, control status and is fixed to keep each of the allowable range that this collection of industry and new technologies is necessary for any fish farm.                                                                                                                        

    In the limited circuit system unusable water to fish Pools has been transferred to the purification sector and after mechanical purification, biological and oxygenated returns to pool fish. This type of breeding is applicable away from water but another way for limited circuit piscicuhture fish in the sea by the company is designed where in that way is drilled a channel near the sea and parallel with the beach line where In saltwater fish gathered and develop.

    The executively simpler and better quality fish (as in sea water) and collect it is very simple.                                                                                                                  

  • Artemia fostering and...

    Artemia fostering and growing:

    With the expansion of the aquaculture industry and the importance of technology in the world especially in Iran, and the increasing development of shrimp and fish growing in the country and considering that Artemia one of the important factors in the breeding and feeding shrimp, however the economic value of Artemia and its price in the world market is increasing can be systematic and scientific exploitation of the available of aquatic, in addition to providing internal demand, with the export of surplus quantities of the product in substantial profitability for the country.

    The company's plans for growing Artemia is that near the Salt Lake the tube-shaped encasement made because Artemia must be nurtured in salt water and salt water is used for growing Artemia.

    Among the benefits to the grower can also include:

    •         The biology of Artemia is disease-free, are acceptable for aquaculture, aquatic animals can be seen                  easily by the easy hunt, delicious and pleasant food, digestible and highly nutritious.
    •         Easily accessible and has the ability to hold for a long time.
    •         The cultivation is very simple and can be easily disinfection systems and most important of these are the         Artemia can be used as carrier of nutrients, vitamins, antibiotics and vaccines used to feed the aquatics.
    •         Analyzes done on dry matter Artemia (before the freeze-drying method), followed by other analysis                    showed that the feed conversion is high (over 40%) and dry matter 6 against normal state protein.
    •         Artemia can be used as a protein source for humans. Because the ratio of main amino acids in Artemia to         total amino acids is higher than the physicians have recommended for human.
    •         Artemia can be used as feed for animal and poultry.
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