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  • Design and...

    Design and manufacturing of testing nerves:

    Nerve testing a diagnostic analysis, to understand the nerve function of the body. The human body is a generator of electricity and the purpose of the production of the electricity transmission of messages between the brain and other organs are. Transfer messages as touch, pain, pressure, heat in the skin and other senses such as sight, hearing and other organs to the brain via nerve done. The brain commands the body to do things like moving member by sending a message through the nerves. The nerves that carry messages in the form of an electrical signal just like what is done in the SIM phone.                                                            

    When the nerve is not doing its job properly, convey the message and transmit the electrical signal becomes distorted. There is a method by which that can intensity and speed and other characteristics of electric waves that flow along the nerve are recorded.                                                                                                         

    The use of nerve testing machine is as follows:

    •         Check in nerve in a part of the body.
    •         Accuracy with nerve function: In addition to the nerve involvement, indicating the severity of the damage and help to doctor making decisions surgery the patient's or can continue to be treated nonsurgical treatments.                                                                                                               
  • Design and...

    Design and manufacturing sterilizer centrifuge:

    Sterilization and eliminate bacteria or fungus or virus on different equipment is very important. The more sensitive tasks such as surgery, dentistry and so on, use sterilizing method is that although all its advantages, it also has many flaws.

    Sterilizer centrifuges is one of the most widely used tools in medical. Medical centrifuges work by the deposition of materials at high speed at which the central gravity, causing the separation of the material and the germs of medical devices.

    The device, built by the company and is very useful for sterilizing equipment in hospitals.      

  • Manufacturing skin...

    Manufacturing skin cutting and sewing:

    Skin incision surgery is difficult and bloody. The skin stitching (suturing) causes scarring and infections in the surface layers of the skin caused by suture.

    The purpose of this device is the removal of these problems.It was in the field of biomedical engineering and to be used at the hospital for surgery.

    Use of the procedure:

    It has two needles one of them for cutting and the other one for stitching. Also embedded a potentiometers on the panel to set the frequency of laser operation. Based on the frequency this device in two positions and with minimal bleeding, skin is cut or weaves.

    Industrial application:

    This device is used at hospital operating rooms and also in the emergency department. It can be run in the future and in the development of this device as a portable device, it can also be used for relief workers.

    The advantages of the device:

    Sample cutting and sewing made

    Previous sample


    Less expensive than the previous model


    The high cost of it will be unable to buy it


    Work with device is too easier

    Using them is very difficult and the user must pass courses

    Application and operation

    The device is capable of cutting and sewing operations together

    Only devices that help in cutting operations

    Cutting and sewing operations

    The amount of bleeding and infection severely reduced because of thread and needles are not used

    Due to use of needle and thread the high risk of infection and bleeding

    Bleeding and infection


  • Design and...

    Design and manufacturing vaginal and anal muscles:

    It is designed to help Aynkantynns diagnosis the doctor will allow the detection of disease progression which means weaker muscles of the pelvic floor,with greater accuracy and fewer errors to work It is more use for to the elderly, women after childbirth and those who are an injury and the treatment are physiotherapy and medical.

    This device can help to understand the process of recovery and the development.

     Advantages of the device:

    •         Easy to use.
    •          Portable non-damaging and side effects and the ability to test your consumer.
    •         Understand the conditions improve.


    User manual:

    By entering tube in vaginal canal or Anus, device show the strength of the member's muscles. However, this process should be done under the supervision of a doctor.

    Needle design with mechanical map of this device which designed with VISIO software, is given below.

  • Design and...

    Design and manufacturing nursing page system:

    The device use for calling nurses by patients and consist of the following:

    •         A central device in the reception.
    •         A light above the patient room.
    •         A chassis inside the door of patient room.                                                                
    •         A chassis at the bedside of Patient bed

    When Patient have problem by pressing the chassis nurse is coming to help.

    A device that includes an alarm and lights so that when the patient needs help, press the chassis. At nursing reception, the patient room light is turn on and the alarm sounds and the lights above of the room blinking, if she is not at the nursing reception, she can see the flashing light at the top of the room for trouble informed.

    When entering a patient's room by pressing the chassis alarm flashing lights at the top of the room the alarm of device master is turned off.


    Additional equipment




    Wireless alarm system

    Alarm, light and chassis

    Battery and Uninterruptible Power Supply System

    Flashing light


    Central device

    Number of Channels

    With a range of 20 to 300 m

    Required number






    With a range of 20 to 300 m

    Required number






    With a range of 20 to 300 m

    Required number






    With a range of 20 to 300 m

    Required number






    With a range of 20 to 300 m

    Required number







  • Design and...
  • Design and...
  • Design and...

    Design and manufacturing physiotherapy device:

    Physiotherapy tens device that utilizes the frequency and voltage parameters with a direct impact on the nerves can stimulate nerves failed to prevent or cure many diseases.                                                                                                                       

    The advantages of this system are the following:                                                       

    •         Send electrical pulses of device with low voltage to the skin surface relief the pain.
    •         The advantage of this method is that when a patient for pain relief use for pain killers and narcotics. This type of drug is released in the   body and may cause side effects, but using electric drive impact on the painful point and no symptoms and side effects.
    •            Sequential shock with various frequency and wavelength into the muscle and this causes the muscle strengthening.
    •         The device is very useful for people with muscle weakness.             
  • Artificial hand

    Artificial hand:

    Artificial hand in two purpose and two medical and industrial applications designed and built, it is use for in medical affairs for surgical procedures and tasks with high accuracy small size for disability persons with disabilities and for industrial applications.

    Artificial hand in the medical:

    Artificial hand in medicine is used for the following:

    These artificial hand change the lives of persons with disabilities will be awarded compared with other artificial hand on the market are lighter and more flexible but also more natural movements of the fingers.

    The use of artificial hand in the surgery so that the very small dimensions and include palm and four fingers and as the needle help to doctors in a surgery.

    Artificial hand in the industry:

    Automated processes and industrial work is one of the result of progress in the last few years so that worker plays a lesser role in the process. Of the robot to carry materials, parts, tools or professional systems designed and planned with different movements.

    Control of artificial hand:

    This hand controlled in two ways:

    For physically handicapped it is possible to navigate directly to the hand nerve and acts movement commands.

    In other cases, the user's hand in a glove placed and control system according to the gloves condition, controls the output.

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