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  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Charge Controller

    Solar charge controller:

    Solar charge controller is the relationship between solar panels and batteries. In the design of the charger is important:

    First, how to charge the battery so that the harm and the second that it is high efficiency performance. This product is in 2 models semi-industrial and industrial the semi industrial for general purpose with low efficiency and low cost in contrast to the sample the industrial power transmission algorithm with efficiency higher than 95% are made at higher prices.  

    Proudly announce that the high power and high efficiency solar battery charger and utilizes 95% PWM techniques to achieve the best battery charger, manufacturer's prepared to offer to our consumers.







    200 t0 230 watt

    100 to 200 watt

    20 t0 100 watt

    5 to20 watt

    Less than 5 watt



    In order that to prevent excessive discharge battery it use battery voltage control circuit also shows that the amount charged and the battery voltage in case of low battery output cuts to the consumer.

    As shown the picture of solar charger controller in bellow.

  • Solar water heaters

    Solar water heaters:

    Water and space heating in buildings totaling more than 80% of energy consumption and, therefore, more than one third of world energy consumption is used for heating. Of these, water heating, on average, 20 to 30 percent of total energy consumption in the home. Therefore, the use of solar water heater can supply an annual 70% of the energy required to heat the water.     

    System that works with fluid, heating energy stored in the system collectors. (Collector means by which fluid is heated by the sun).


    •         The inner layer tank is stainless steel and the outer layer is steel with a galvanized layer.
    •         All components of the system except from the collector have one year warranty and ten years of service           after the sale.
    •         Solar system almost does not need any maintenance only requires periodic serviceis only required every           three years the solar system will be tested to make sure there is no noise and with it PH liquid that flows         into the control panel so the system can have the longest life possible.

    solar water heaters are in a variety of different volumes150,200,300 liter.

  • inverter
  • solar pack
  • battry
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