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  • Esnaver machine

    Esnaver machine:

    The power disturbances, state of transition that changes the amplitude or frequency voltage.                                                                                                  

    Disorders can damage electrical equipment or cause an error. In general, the noise is integral electronic circuits.

    The design of devices that do not produce noise or noise cancellation and this is very important. The main reason for using the esnaver is prevent and eliminate the noise.

    Esnaver used more in industrial applications because when a large number of devices on and working at the same time, the possibility of producing a lot of noise and causing the shutdown of devices, to remove the noise, and also frequency stability a high power device placed at the input.

    Esnaver design and produced by the company are as follows.




    Single phase


    1/4 kilowatt

    Three phase




  • Movement detector

    Movement detector:

    Much of the energy used to turn on the all-time spaces that are sometimes present in that space people, or it will pass. Movement sensor ceiling lamp acts so that as soon as there is a person in front of it, the light turn on and then turn it off.                                                                      

    The sensor is an infrared sensor and Suitable for hallways, stairs, parking and storage and prevent the unnecessary turn on lamp. The device can be used in safety systems alarm. For this purpose on the sensor, the open circuit blade and closed circuit blade has been common and the company also used the surveillance system alarms. 

  • Voltage reinforcement...

    Voltage reinforcement of incoming electricity to city:

    According to the perennial problems of the distribution network and increase the moment of loss of voltage, frequency fluctuations, distortion should be noted that these devices can be installed for residential, apartments, shops, factories, offices and generally for protection where there are electric.

    Mechanism of action:

    An electronic control circuit continuously to control the output voltage and reference it with a fixed value (e.g. 220 volts) compares.                                       

    This voltage correction method did not produce any interference with harmonic waves in the input power source.                                                                              

    High power, efficiency, accuracy and quality control are important features of this device's output voltage.                                                                                    

    The advantage of the device:

    1-    High voltage correction range from a minimum of 277 and maximum of 430 volts.

    2-    The output voltage is linear and continuous without any jump and swing 380 V to 220 V three-phase models for single-phase models.

    3-    Use filters to avoid noise distortion in the output voltage of the moment.

    4-    Has a warning system for alarms caused by overloading the consumer.

    5-    Cutout device for taking over the 2.8 system rated power

    6-    If the device has short circuit cutoff system

    7-    Under and Over-voltage system in case of system outages too.

    8-    The cutting system is a phase (phase failure)

    9-    The system has a cutout for the device at high temperature (over temperature). 

  • Addressable fire alarm

    Addressable fire alarm:

    Fire alarm systems are widely used in residential and industrial buildings used to minimize the damage caused by the fire. as well as to notify building occupants in the event of a fire of the system used to prevent loss of life.

    To detect fire, smoke, heat and flame effects its triple by adjusting sensitivity feature is used. In general, two types of analog and addressable of afire alarm systems are made.

    Facilities of device:

    • Control and configuration using mobile and phone.
    • Open relay output which can be connected external device, such as lamps, clocks or Solenoid valve.
    • Use battery in the device during a power outage.
    • Disable devices at the same time just by cutting the battery and 220V power input.
    • addressable and conventional sensors can be installed.

    Fire alarm system types



    Other Accessories

    1-Analog fire alarm system


    2-Addressable fire alarm system


    3-Alarm device address of 8,16,32,48,64 zone

    1-Telephone with phone line


    2-Phone with SIM card






    1-UL Box: for addressing


    2-Gas and smoke sensor: to detect gas and smoke


    3-Monitoring System: This system consists of a number of LED is that each LED represents the fire area


    4-Alarm for warning


  • Current controller

    Current controller:

    The control of electric door or other accessories over-current, causing serious damage to the system (mostly their load are passive) can be used control system to stop the flow of output voltage.

    Imagine that electric shutters a shop door, closed and take the padlocks if a write command to open the door, lift motors work and shutters damage, but with the generator flow control, engine start worked but after a short time due to excessive current draw, voltage is disconnected and motor is no longer able to work.

  • Electric protector

    Electric protector:

    AC power flow fluctuations and off the flow of electricity if the voltage is over the limit or cut and consecutive patch happen, may fail and cause serious damage to electrical and electronic devices.

     Electric protector device that can prevent the occurrence of these problem.

    Advantages of electrical protection:

    • Ability to connect several devices in one place.
    • If selected properly, there is never a problem connector.
    • With regard to the protection against voltage fluctuations Do not worry about the protection of expensive equipment such as TV, laptops, tablets and mobile phones will be comfortable.

    Electrical protective equipment designed by the company as follows:

    • Take off and on ports as a whole or separately.
    • The number of concurrent connections on the use of protective and multi-way power.
    • Cable Length several ways to connect to the mains socket.(1/2 meters, 2 meters and 5 meters)
    • Connections are several ways to use electricity in different countries.
    • Protects the equipment against fluctuations in electricity.
    • Ability to connect a USB cable.
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