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  • Flasher 555

    Flasher 555:

    555chips is a chip that use variety in the oscillator circuit and a pulse generate.555could be a delay in a timer circuit or an oscillator circuit or be used as a component in the seesaw circuit. The IC has a wide use in circuits Flasher. The following the project files is available for download

  • Thermometer


    In this project with uses atmega chip and LM35 temperature sensor, designed the thermometry that show ambient temperature with an accuracy of 0. 5 ° C on the LCD.                                                                                                                       

    LM35 temperature sensor is an accurate temperature sensor does not require calibration. This sensor can measure temperature with an accurately 0. 2 ° C.      

    The following files is located for download.                                                           

  • Maze Robot

    Maze Robot:

    A robot that can move in the right direction (shortest path) in a maze and at the appropriate time, is said maze robot. The link below is an example of the robot is put for you.