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  • Crane robot

    Crane robot:

    The robot in every way with the rope hanging from the corner of a structure that position be instructed to move.

    In other words, the robot can move the rope and the rope length, keeps its balance, the robot is able to maintain balance when moving on the rope or steel wire, but by creating the structural change, it move the robot on steel with a thickness of four millimeters while maintaining balance is provided.

    Performance and features of cairn robot:

    Ever since the robot can be used in many applications such as video cameras with low weight to use in transporting heavy components such as ship, aircraft and so on.

    The various parts of the robot can be brought into the required position until the end of welding, bonding or any other work, kept in its place.

    The advantage of using a robot instead of cranes is weight of pieces divided in plurality of rope and so the pressure on the rope reaches minimum.



  • Mine detector and...

    Mine detector and finder robot:

    According to reports, Iran is the third country in terms of land mines buried so over sixteen million mines in the western and southern regions of the country have been planted. Partly due to the remoteness and ruggedness of the area remained neutral, and every year many sacrifices.

    Discover and mine clearing are very dangerous and this operation in term of human are costly. Therefore you need to Mine detector and finder more than before. In the hope that Mine detector and finder eliminate these risks and to minimize casualties and cost minesweepers.

    Mine detector and finder robot designed by the company is able to discover all the mines in a region on the map display. The design and construction of robots that can automatically and without human intervention to search for and discovery of mines in the region. This Mine detector and finder have been mobility to move in mined area and with speed and accurately found mines were in different parts and avoid collisions with walls and barriers. Finally, a map of the location of mines have been found to offer or even introduction of a path from start point to the end point.

    Benefits and features Mine detector and finder robot:

    •         No physical presence of the desired operation runs.
    •         In desert areas and the uneven and impassable areas to defuse.
    •         Costs of minesweepers and human casualties are reduced.
    •         Ability to remotely control the robot.
  • Fire extinguisher robot

    Fire extinguisher robot:
    Firefighter robot is designed to move on uneven surfaces. The robot can be used in places with problems such as low-altitude, high temperature, there is a lot of smoke and toxic gases in the environment, because of these limitations, there is no possibility of fire, go to the center of the fire and the fire's origin.
    Firefighter robot features:
    Among its features various sensors of the robot can be noted that it is embedded in various sectors. Robots with the information obtained through the origin of a fire at a fraction of the time to identify and take action to fight it out.
    The main application of this robot in ships or submarines is usually far from drought and firefighting facilities are extensive.
    The robot using two hands that look like humans, could open the door and fire suppression, such as pipes and hoses for fire use. The robot in human resources with better quality and speed of action will fire.

  • Furnace robot arm

    Furnace robot arm:

    In general, human robotic arms can help.In remote areas or where access to them is limited moving objects easily and do things with precision and speed.            

    The robotic arm or a device that consists of a series of joint axes a performance is similar to a human arm. As human resources can be used to perform various tasks in the factory of the arm, the arm can perform like a human arm in factory work. The robotic arm is bigger dimensions and higher precision work to do.

    Robot arm developed by the company are used in industry and for removing parts of the furnace used.

    Benefits and features a robotic arm:

    •         A unique feature of robotic arms compared with the mobility of human resources is of great things and can do things that are hard labor or a low accuracy and risks of doing carefully hundred percent of the without the risk of easily accomplished.
    •         Reduction in costs.
    •         Increased speed in production.
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items